Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Autobon Ask-Out

Mmmkay. First of all, it was not on the Autobon. But that was a necessary alliteration.
Bout 2 weeks ago, roommates and I went to our dear friend Danny-boy's farewell. During the 1.5 hour journey, Keasha caught the attention of some handsome boys in a Kia with her flailing limbs. Soon they were zooming up next to us and flashing their phone number. Keash wrote it down, but she has number dyslexia so in order to keep contact with said men, we had to act fast.
Paige quickly whipped out a paper and artistically inscribed my own phone number on it with a caption that read,"How about you call me!" Everyone had their phones out desperately typing in phone numbers when my phone started buzzing. Hesitantly, I answered. As I said hello, I turned my head and, due to our constant matching speeds, we locked eyes.
Their names were McKay and Chaz. And we hung out. Just them, Courtney and I. We ate pizooki till I was writhing in pain. They taught us dance moves. We watched a movie. We laughed. And for a whole 4 hours, two incredibly handsome boy's attention was aimed at me. Result!

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